Fashion Recap: MTV Video Music Awards 2014

The VMA’S are the only music showcase shown on MTV these days. A day were fashion & music collide to bring us great music performances and not so great fashion moments. I was hoping this year the red carpet would’ve been full of surprises, but alas, to no avail. Celebrities fashion choices this year were very blah! A lot of black was worn, and celebrities kinda all looked alike. IT’S THE VMA’S PEOPLE, BE DARING!!!
 This awards show is different from other awards show in that they’re not as serious or formal, so I’m just dumbfounded when I see celebrities wearing Couture long gowns on the VMA’S red carpet! Have a little fun, wear prints, colors, sequins anything but the same old black (nothing wrong with black, I love black). So yeah, you could say I was dissapointed. However, there were some (not a lot) celebrities that made interesting fashion choices. Without further ado, I give you my Best & Worst Dressed List of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.
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Jourdan Dunn
-Supermodel personified! A two piece outfit that’s fun and sexy, this Balmain crop top and maxi skirt looks perfect with her blunt bob haircut (which I love). She was the coolest looking chick in the red carpet, and appropriately dressed for the occasion.
CPYC: Before the VMA’s, Jourdan Dunn was only known in the world of high fashion. Not anymore. I love the fact that a model, and not a celebrity, rocked the red carpet looking trendy, fierce and most importantly fashion.
Jennifer Lopez
-YASSSSSS Honey!!! Jenny Lo’s dress is bling-a-licious and her BODY looks out of this world in it. May I remind you that this sexy Latina is 45 years old? BANGING! She’s giving me fabulosity from every angle in this Charbel Zoe gown. Only she can pull this off. Best dressed of the VMA’s hands down.
CPYC: Is is possible that she looks even BETTER now that when she wowed the world with that iconic green Versace dress? What I truly admire about JLo is that she knows how to dress for every occasion. She can show a whole lotta skin at the VMA’S and then go full couture for the Academy Awards. THAT is what style is all about.  
Miley Cyrus
-So refreshing to see her fully clothed, and so fashionable while doing so! I loved the whole look, the shoes are amazing (I think I need them, they’re Manolo’s FYI). Actually, this Alexandre Vauthier leather outfit was more shocking that anything she has worn lately, because it actually works!
CPYC: My, my what a difference a year makes! Miley is in full image overhaul and it shows. She looks young and fresh, and the look is edgy enough to make people talk but not so much as to overshadow her talent. Bravo, Miley.
-Kesha sure cleans up nicely for a girl who self admittedly “brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack”. She’s (secretly) one of my favorites & she looked pretty & ethereal in this Johanna Johnson gown.
CPYC: Ever since dropping the “$” from her name, she seems to have embraced a more stylish image and Kudos to her for doing so. This is actually what I expected from Katy Perry; and ironically Katy’s look is very Kesha circa 2008. The world is weird. 
Gwen Stefani
The queen of cool, Gwen Stefani in  this L.A.M.B. outfit reminded all of us of why she’s a true rockstar. The combination of colors works perfectly with her skin tone and her accessories (down to her nails!) are on point.
CPYC: She looks good, but then again, she ALWAYS does. Gwen truly has her own fashion identity, there is no one like her, and we love her for it. She knows what works for her (platinum blonde & red lips), but her look never gets old (neither does she, btw!)
-Fashion darling Solange is always one step ahead of everyone else in the fashion game, as evidenced by her tux by H&M.
CPYC: Her retro cool vibe totally kicks-ass and she totally bitch-slaped the competition. Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself. 
Katy Perry
-Really? Is this a joke? I’m not laughing. How did Donatella Versace agree to design this, is beyond me? She looks like a member of the “Munster’s” family. Hideous, whoever advised her to replicate Britney Spears outfit circa 2001 is not her friend. Fire your stylist ASAP!
CPYC: Who is she wearing? Nostalgia? Before Jay-Z and Bey ruled the world, there was Justin and Britney. Seeing them walking the red carpet together was such a watercooler moment for our generation, and as such, it SHOULD NOT be imitated. Katy Perry is such a great pop star, but she should be a trendsetter, not try to make Britney’s old trends her own. 
Amber Rose
-If it was BAD enough on Rose McGowan the first time around, it is ATROCIOUS on Ms. Rose this time around. Recycle trash, not clothes! How does she sit down with this? Its this even hygienic? So not sanitary.
CPYC: Agree! Even though Rose McGowan’s taste was and remains questionable, truth is, she called this look her own quite a long time ago. Amber, try a little harder.
-Blah, boring same old, same old. I’m starting to think of her (fashion wise) as a one trick pony. So tired of her and lace and transparencies and fitted mermaid-ish silhouette gowns. You’re one of the world’s BIGGEST superstars, and you wear this yawn inducing gown to the red carpet? Enough, onto the next one!

CPYC: Is this the Met Gala? Grammys? Same difference. Her dress is Super Blah, especially if we consider the fact that she was receiving the biggest award of the night. Without a doubt, her performance stole the show, but her red carpet gown was boring and uninspired.

Ariana Grande
-Ok, by itself, on any other person, this is a cool looking Moschino dress. Frankly, she’s too petite to pull this off, and then you add the high knee boots that just end up making her look shorter. And let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room; her hairdo. What’s up with the doo-wop ponytail? She’s always wearing the same hairstyle to all her events. Switch it up!

CPYC: Ariana’s doo-wop ponytail is so old, by now it deserves its own #TBT. She’s super hot right now on the charts, but style-wise she needs an intervention. Ariana needs to decide if she wants to be edgy or sweet. You cannot do both, specially if you’re wearing Moschino, it deserves better.

Kim Kardashian
I don’t know how to even begin with this one, so I’ll just say it. You’ve already made a sex tape, everyone (and their mother) have seen your lady parts, no need for the excessive showing of your boobage. Balmain gone wrong. Not cute.

CPYC: Kim’s style has been very “in your face” as of late. And by “in your face”, I mean “Hello, here’s North’s food production team”. We get it Kim, you are a mom and you are still sexy. Get over it.

Kylie Jenner
This is what wearing your mom’s hand me downs will get you. I think she’s gone all Emo on us.

CPYC: She has no style identity whatsoever. What’s her reference? The 90’s? She was BORN on the 90’s. She should dress fresh and young, not like an old soap opera villain.
Taylor Swift
-Meet Scuba Swift, in her ready for scuba diving onesie (with camel toe included!).

CPYC: If this is edgy pop-star Taylor Swift, then I’d rather have the curly haired, full skirt, cowboy boots wearing Jonas loving girl. That outfit should dump her, STAT.

….And the Rest
Demi Lovato
-Gorgeous color, stunning dress with NO boobage support at all. She would’ve been my best dressed if she would’ve decided to wear a bra.
CPYC: I give her Brownie points for the fact that she looked confident rocking her look. Truth is, not all boobs can pull off the very low cleavage dress. I agree, she needed a bra.
Nicki Minaj
-This is just OK. Pretty dress, very on trend (snake print is all the rage for fall) and tame looking for her.  I don’t know if I love the toned down version of Ms. Minaj just yet.
CPYC: She has a hit song, a most watched video, she was performing on the show, and yet she looks like it’s Friday night and she’s meeting her friends at the club. Total snooze-fest.
Kendall Jenner
-What is it with this young girls trying to dress up all sophisticated and shit? I mean this is something that I would wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and all but she’s 18 years old AND a model, so why is she covering her legs up? Why so demure? Lighten up a little, be wild young child!

-CPYC: Agree!!! She’s overdoing the jumpsuit look. She has a great look, legs for days, and a budding modeling career, wear something sexy! show what Papa Bruce gave ya!


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