Fridays Fabulous Finds

Last Thursday was officially the first day of Spring, and also my boyfriend’s birthday(coincidence? I think not!). I always plan ahead of time for his birthday gifts, I make a list of thing that I find, that he might like, or random ideas that just pop in my head.  While reading a magazine, I stumbled upon what I thought at the moment, was the best birthday gift idea for my boyfriend ever!  The Soda Stream Source Metal Edition Sparkling water maker (sounds super fancy!).

This thing (my boyfriend’s is still on the box by the way) transforms water into soda.You can purchase the soda/sparkling water maker here: Sodastream Source Metal Edition. You can add flavor to your soda or sparkling water GENIUS! For lent every year I take 40 days without drinking alcohol, which takes an INSANE amount of self control on my part, and I drink a lot of sparkling water, so the soda stream source couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. This of course is only one of the many gifts I got him, but is probably the funnest one, he can go all science fair experiment with this one!

The weirdest thing is that on his birthday, my boyfriend got me a gift! He’s sweet like that. He got me this amazing “M” initial necklace that I’ve been wanting for a long time. Me thinks that a friend of my mine helped him with this task (sneaky sneaky). The necklace is available at Rocke House of Fashion in Puerto Rico. They have great and unique jewelry pieces. Check them out here: Rocke Boutique

Photo courtesy of Rocke Btq
I also went to Marshall’s on a whim and found these very stylish snake skin Havaiana flip flops for $10, what a steal! I wear a lot of flip flops and this are perfect for a spring break getaway. You can buy Havaianas online here: flip flops
I also found on Marshall’s these very wearable/every day Isaac Mizrahi pumps( priced at $79.99). They’re two toned pointed heels (black and nude patent leather). I would say the heel is more of a kitten heel, which makes them very comfy to walk in on all day. By the way, I wore these to work today, and I had to do a lot of walking, and going up multiple flights of stairs and no pain. They’re classy and very chic and can be worn with anything, from a dress to jeans.
I also went to my local nail/hair/beauty supply store and they had just gotten the new nail polish collections for spring. I went just a teensy weensy overboard but it was a bargain! Tons of new colors in mini size!  I love the size it doesn’t take up that much space in my already cluttered collection of nail polishes. I admit it, I’m a nail polish junkie, I hoard nail polishes (my one & only vice). The packs each have 4 mini nail polishes in different colors. One was OPI’s new Brazil Collection “Copacababies” & the other was Gwen’s Stefani Collection for OPI “Rock Starlets” (priced at $6.95 each pack).
This was last month’s find but I can’t get enough of it! This Rebecca Minkoff bag is the shit. Seriously. So much punk rock in such a small accesory! Its supposed to be a clutch but it has a long  detachable  shoulder strap to wear it cross body. I’ve worn it nonstop since I got it, day & night. I got it in black for $195. Seriously thinking on getting it in another color. You can get yours here: Rebecca Minkoff Finn Fringed Convertible Clutch
And of course, my precious, Google’s Chromecast. Just recently, I’ve discovered the magic of Netflix, you could say I’m a Netflix late bloomer. So of course I wanted to be able to watch it, not only in my Iphone & computer, but also in my home TV. This little gadget made that possible (am I random or what!).
So what, you ask, does Chromecast exactly do?
“Chromecast is Google’s answer to Apple TV, and other smart TV boxes. By plugging the device into a television set, users can access Netflix, YouTube and a host of other applications that are available. The small device, which simply plugs into an available HDMI port on to the television set, is controlled by a cellphone or tablet: both Apple and Android devices can be used to control it. It can also be contolled by a computer running Google’s chrome browser.” And there you have it! This is the latest techie thingy I’ve bought and I love it! I fulle recommend it for Netflix users. You can buy Google’s chromecast here: Google chromecast hdmi streaming media-player


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