Guidelines for posting “selfies” in social media

There’s always that one person that’s forever posting “selfies” in our facebook, or instagram, and not necessarily good ones. Don’t get us wrong, it serves as entertainment for us, for the most part, but then, it becomes an inner struggle: Should we tell him/her enough with the “selfies”? For those of you who lie under a rock and have not seen, or dont know what a “selfie” is, it is “a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a handheld digital camera or a camera phone”. Based on our aversion over this never ending situation, we decided to create some “guidelines”, if you will, of posting and making these so called “selfies”. We’ll illustrate the “bad selfie” example by using pictures of the following exemplary celebrities: any Kardashian, any reality tv “star”,  Miley Cyrus, and of course, Amanda Bynes.
1. Keep it simple, and to a minimum.  For the love of God, baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph, post no more than 2 “selfies” per day. Less is more.
2. Be advised, it is not a modeling competition, when you are the sole competitor.

3. Do not be fooled by people “liking” your “selfie” on facebook. If they do, it does not necessarily mean that’s your new profile pic, cover photo, etc… Do not take it as encouragement to keep posting selfies (resist the urge!).
4. Please abstain from bathroom selfies, not cute, not now, not ever! Whoever thought  that was a good idea deserves to be punished.
5. Selfies should only be taken when you feel/look particularly pretty or you have new makeup or new hair-do.
6. Multiple selfies with different poses…. Not cute.7. Pregnant “selfie”……. no explanation needed. Just, don’t!

7. Please be safe! Be advised that taking selfies while driving is a hazard to all of us fellow drivers

8.Mirror selfies are a thing of the past. Amanda Bynes is already recovering in rehab, do not emulate her past “selfies”.

9. Oh, our least favorite “selfies” are the at the gym/im so hot/ naked/ swimsuit/ derriere showing “selfies”. Leave something for the imagination! Be a little mysterious, no one wants to see all of that repeatedly. And yes, we got it, you work out, you don’t need to remind us everyday about it though! If you’re running a marathon, for a good cause, or a similar event, or if you’re a personal trainer, and need to showcase your work, then, your “gym rat”/exercise freak, “selfies” are justifiable.

10.Why oh why, would you post a “selfie”in bed? Waking up or going to sleep selfies are overrated. Your bed is your sanctuary, a sacred place of sorts. You should keep it that way.

11. Last, but not any less annoying, are the duckface “selfies”. Pouty lips, seductive stares, and voila, the duckface is born. Or, as the illustrious Amanda Bynes famously tweeted, “its like the face you make when eating sour patch kids” and taking a picture. Not very attractive, or original, so best to refrain from doing such an overused pose. Nobody wants to see the duck face anymore, unless you’re joking, and drunk, then….it’s hilarious, but the intention of a selfie is not to be funny, its to reflect your true beauty, through the lense of your very own handheld phone(or so we suppose).

Remember a picture lasts a lifetime, make sure yours is worth remembering! Smile, have fun, be natural, and click away! See below some much nicer “selfies”. If you’re gonna do them, at least do them the right way!


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