My engagement story


I don’t know why some people say they’re prepared for that moment (getting engaged) because in my case I was NOT. AT ALL. Like literally getting engaged was one of those things I knew was eventually bound to happen but did not really think of it much. Everyone kept asking and predicting when and where it was gonna happen but I really did not plan for it. I am and was so sure that I had found my soulmate that I did not really care when he was going to propose to me. I was so happy to just be with him and I was sure that I had found my life partner and viceversa so I was in no rush. Its hard because society expects you to do things at their pace but all is perfect in God’s time. 
Since I’m writing about like a story I’ll tell you the whole thing since the beginning. My now fiancé was my neighbor. We met when I was in 5th grade while rollerblading and the first time we met, we were wearing the same outfit (to be fair I was kind of a tomboy at that time). I jokingly say that he’s been in love with me ever since then (but its not far from reality????). We were in the same school, then we were not. We dated other people, he moved, but somehow we always managed to see or talk to each other. Its like we were connected but we had to figure life out first before really being completely together. It was weird at first because we were such good friends and knew EVERYTHING about each other which was very refreshing but tricky also. Our first couple of months dating were literally chaotic growing pains. I had just gotten out of a bad breakup an was not willing to budge, afraid of trusting again & he was used to… let’s just say doing things his “way or the highway”. It was rough times but very passionate and fun times. And then after those 3 first months all was just, bliss. We both let our guards down and enjoyed and loved each other fully to this day❤️. 
So fast forward to my birthday this year (September 27), which fell on a Tuesday, we’ve been dating for close to 6 years now. I am one of those people who always cries on their birthday (TMI?) so my boyfriend came home around 6pm saw me crying and said “Oh I totally forgot how you get. I’m gonna give you 10 minutes get dressed we’re going out on your birthday I’ll be waiting downstairs.” Came downstairs he had balloons & gifts waiting for me and off we went to our favorite restaurant. Little did I know that while we were there he secretly planned a surprise “birthday”/engagement party with our server while I was either at the bar or the bathroom who knows. That whole week he had been telling me that he was taking me on an adventure on Saturday as my bithday present. He’s super detail oriented and just splendid in general so I tought nothing of it. I kept thinking he was gonna take me ziplining or something of that sort. I had a photoshoot for the blog early in the A.M. that Saturday and he told me that I had to be done by midday cuz the “surprise” was a long drive away. While at the shoot he told me I had to wear workout clothing and sneakers and bring sunblock so I kept thinking my ziplining hunch was right! He went to “work”while I was doing the photoshoot (after, I found out he went to pickup the ring and asked my dad for my hand in marriage) and then picked me up. He had a backpack gatorade, snacks, and two big bottles of water so I thought “Oh snap we’re camping”(I’m not down for that!). 
All throughout our relationship I had told him that I wanted to go to “El arbol solitario”, a tree you see when driving through Cayey, Puerto Rico way up high in the mountains by itself. 

 So he finally took me I was so surprised and excited cuz it was on my bucket list of things to do. He had previously spoken with the owner of the land near the tree and his grandchildren were our tour guides up the hill. It was a pretty steep and challenging hike that took us almost two hours but it was SO worth it!

 I was just estatic, the view was so breathtaking that I had to take a moment to sit down and just appreciate it and just be thankful for everything. I was very overwhelmed and emotional so I started to cry. He asked why was I crying and I just said “I don’t know how people can’t believe in God after seeing all of this. Im so happy, thank you for bringing me here”. He hugged me and said:-“if you were crying before, you’re really gonna cry now”, & I was like “What?” Out of nowhere comes out the most beautiful red box and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (DO YOU DIE?!)!!! My reaction was to just scream & just walk away (as you’ll see in the video which our tour guides so gracefully took) I almost fainted & threw up at the same time, I was shaking so excited and nervous at the same time. It was a feeling I had never felt before and I said “Get up from the floor, YES!!!”. The ring was just STUNNING and sparkly as hell and then I got scared immediately and asked him if it had insurance (lol!).

Then we got back and showered and changed cuz we had made reservations for a “birthday” dinner with my parents. Funny thing is my boyfriend wouldn’t let me call my parents he kept saying they would know by the tone of my voice that I was engaged and to just wait and surprise them at the restaurant (but they already knew!). So I got dressed really fast for dinner with my parents and in I walked to all my friends and family saying SURPRISE! They all thought they were there for my birthday little did they know I had the big surprise ????!

 So that’s how my “surprise birthday party” was also my secret engagement party. 

 My boyfriend thought of everything he was so sneaky and did so good I (and no one else) had no clue about anything. Its the most pleasant surprise I’ve ever gotten. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I did writing it. Let me know in the comments about YOUR engagement story! Also, dont forget to check out Bodas del Encanto new post on the first 5 things to do when you get engaged & follow her on social media HERE


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