My Valentine’s day wish list


I mean, who would want to miss a chance to make a wish list on a holiday. Not I ! Also, whenever I wanna treat myself I go back to these lists, which are also my current wish list it just so happens that Valentine’s day is next week & someone (hint, hint) could you know make me check off this list one of these items! Check ’em out below! xoxo #MissLluviaConSol
1.Quay X Desi Perkins high key sunglasses

These are so cool & at a great price! I have a pair of purple mirrored sunglasses but they’re expensive & very delicate and every time I wear them I’m scared I’ll scratch them. That won’t happen with these one’s!

2.Anthropologie set

I haven’t told you guys but since I got engaged I started what I like to call my “Honeymoon Closet”. Its filled with things I’m taking and wearing on my honeymoon: clothing, shoes, lingerie, etc… This outfit will be perfect to walk the streets of Italy in!

3.Sony A5100 camera

Speaking of honeymoon, this camera will be the perfect one to take while on vacation. It is practical because it can fit in my small handbag and wirelessly send the pics to my phone for easy, fast uploading #bloggergoals

4. Too Faced Glitter Glue

I’ve been searching for this everywhere but I don’t know why I haven’t tried to buy it online. Will probably buy this myself before Valentine’s day lol. This glue is perfect for glitter eyeshadows or eyeshadows that have a lot of fall out. It helps with the durability of your eyeshadow and it also makes it more pigmented.

5. Hinge Boater Hat

Again, I need this for my honeymoon closet. 

6.Dolce Vita Maura Flats

These loafers/mules are perfect for every day. They’re a classic black mule with a super cool twist: studs! Fell in love with them immediately when I saw them & knew I had to have them.

7.”The Coveteaur” book

This is the book I’m currently missing on my night stands for my collection. A must have!


Random, I know, but I currently don’t have one, can you imagine!? And I’m too lazy to read the reviews, I want a cute, functional 2 toasts toasters. Thanks in advance!

9.Noise cancelling headphones

Mine broke and I don’t particularly enjoy running with my iphone one’s that keep falling out.

10.Sunday Riley Luna Kit

Mine’s almost empty & I live for this stiff. It works wonders on my face

11.Kate Spade  I Do tee

This is just the cutest shirt for a future bride to be aka me!

12.Tory Burch Dandy Platform Espadrille Sandals

With summer just around the corner comes sandal season. These platforms will go perfectly with any outfit


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