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Its safe to say its been a freakin’ challenge trying to blog, work & plan a wedding at the same time. That’s why this post has taken me so long to post and its (so far) my favorite out of all the ones from my wedding collab with Ruthie from bodas del encanto.
Let me give yoy a lil’ background info first. One of the first things I did when setting the date for my wedding was to hire a photographer. He had multiple packages, most of which included a love story shoot which I ended up removing from my package cuz I was super sure I did not want one. Month after that comes my good friend Ruthie & tells me about this bomb af destination wedding photographers couple that were visiting & were looking to shoot a couple. And of course I was in, problem was convincing the Mr.! We were very anxious before the actual pics so I wrote down a few tips for those of you in the same process to keep in mind when doing your love story pics.

 1.Plan your outfits in advance
This will just give you an idea of the whole look and feel of the shoot. Think of a color theme and try to harmonize your outfit with your fiancées. It also helps asking the photographers how many outfit changes you’ll need beforehand and the dress code. I say do a casual look, a more fashion (if you will) one and then a formal (dramatic) one.

2.Get a photographer you and your fiancée are comfortable with

I can not stress this enough, you have to be comfortable with your photographer. Becca & Chris were PROS. They made an otherwise super akward activity FUN! They were very friendly & had already everything organized: from location, to poses etc which made it so simple. Also they knew what shots they wanted, how they wanted us on the shot and they even had our rambunctious puppy on the pics!

3.Don’t take it so seriously

Embrace your inner supermodel and if that doesn’t work, get some liquid courage (if you know what I mean) and just have fun with it! The best pics Becca & Chris took of us are the ones we were laughing and having fun. Relax, enjoy & just flow. And remember, these are memories you’ll lave forever.

Those are my tips I hope they do work for you. If you’re in the lookout for great wedding photographers check out Becca & Chris at their website HERE & get inspired by their beautiful pics in their instagram HERE. They travel the world photographing couples and I can not recommend them enough. Take a look at their amazing work below!

xoxo #MissLluviaConSol


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