Trend Alert: Birkenstocks?



It’s the attack of  the ugly shoes! Somehow, some way somene resurrected Birkenstock’s sandals and they’re back on trend again (the horror!). Don’t get me wrong those little fuckers are comfy as hell, but for some reason I associate birkenstocks with (in no particular order) granola eating, dreadlock wearing, bra burners, non shavers & natural “body odor” lovers (no offense, more power to you!). Nevertherless, the 90’s grungy slipper is back, with a vengeance an ultra chic twist. All high end designers (Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, to name a few) have recreated their version of the sandal. Some have prints, studs, or even a rubber thick high heel (I REALLY don’t know how I feel about those). So by now you should know I caved in and bought the damn Birkenstocks (damn you comfort!). Mine are blue with just one strap & I bought them for less at TJ Maxx (bargain!). The classic Birkenstock sandals have two straps (like thick belts), and their sole is made of cork. They also come in other styles; with one strap, and they have a thong sandal, the Gizeh; which  are the Olsen sisters Birks of choice. You can buy your own Birkenstocks (full price tough) here: Birkenstocks.

Wether you decide to get on board with this latest fashion trend or not, I’ll tell you how to wear ‘them Birks (I’m down). It’s obviously a casual, every day shoe, so you can pair them up with anything from distressed jeans or a maxi dress or skirt. Most fashionistas are wearing their Birkenstocks in white or black with two straps. For the love of God DO NOT , I repeat,  DO NOT wear them with socks and shorts. Below you’ll see some pics on how to wear them during the day , and how Birks were worn on fashion designers runways or ad campaigns.

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