Want It Wednesday: David Yurman’s limited edition Renaissance Cable Bracelet


While browsing through the internet to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my mom I stumbled upon today’s ultimate object of desire: David Yurman’s Limited Edition Cable Bracelet. David Yurman created his first Renaissance cable bracelet back in 1983. I am a HUGE David Yurman fan, and most of my daily jewelry is from David Yurman(as I type this I’m wearing a cable bracelet myself), but this bracelet I had to have. To my surprise, it isn’t available in all retail David Yurman stores. My very reliable David Yurman contact in Puerto Rico, Cristina (ask for her if you’re ever in Puerto Rico’s David Yurman Store she’s the best), told me they wouldn’t be available at all stores & that she couldn’t make a special order, WHYYY! I had lost all hope, and then the weirdest thing happened, I was just pining away on Pinterest (minor vice of mine) and a pin said “Click here for a presell advance of David Yurman’s Anniversary Limited Edtion Cable Bracelet”. I signed up and boom! An email 5 minutes later confirming I was on the presale list on Valentine’s day (the bracelet was not available to the general public til the next day). Below a pic of said email:
I was SO happy & waited patiently for February 14. And then the day came, and decision time… Which bracelet to get? The limited edition cable bracelet comes in different materials, aluminum,  precious metal or pave diamonds.  The anodized aluminum cable bracelet comes in ten different colors; black, gray, champagne, amber, purple, periwinkle, light green, hunter green, pink and rose (see below) and are priced at just $350! Suffice to say I could not resist and got two of them! As of today I am waiting patiently for their delivery!
The precious metal limited edition Cable “Renaissance”Bracelet comes in gold, sterling silver, darkened sterling silver & rose gold (fabulous!). It is a bit pricer than the aluminum cable bracelet; prices range from $850 to a whopping $9,500.

And finally the last piece of the collection is the most glamorous one, the simply exquisite Micro Pave cable bracelet; it is just total debauchery. This piece de resistance is sold exclusively in David Yurman’s Madison Avenue store in New York. Take a look at it and you’ll know why!

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