What to wear to prom

Prom: the culmination of a rather tedious high school year! Those were the days, I miss the overall carelessness and freedom of my high school years! In Puerto Rico, Proms are the closest thing you’ll get to a wedding. People really go all out for their dress, and most high school girls have their prom dress custom made by a local fashion designer. For me, prom’s all about having fun, and that includes in your choice of dress. You’ll have the rest of your life to dress up like an adult (trust me is not as fun), so pick something unexpected. Try a different color, a print, try a backless gown! Keep in mind when picking out your dress not to use many trends all at once, and the rule of thumb; if your dress shows your decolletage, don’t show your back or wear a ridiculously short dress at the same time. In prom, you should be able to shine, not your dress. Remember you’re gonna dance the night away til the wee hours of the night, so pick a dress you feel comfortable in. Really hot colors for you prom dress this year? Teal, radiant orchid, red, emerald green & soft pink; also, flesh tones and lace. Below there are some dresses perfect for prom ( junior or senior prom) that you can shop for online. I picked dresses with a wide range of styles for the daring, or more subtle of girls. My favorites? The soft pink ML by Monique Lhuillier & the black lace Alice + Olive drop waist gown. Enjoy!

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